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Bohaty’s British Whites
1371 42nd RD
Bellwood, NE 68624


(402) 367-4741


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David City, NE

The Rose Motel (15 minute drive)
1981 N 4th ST
David City, NE 68632
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Schuyler, NE

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222 W. 16th ST
Schuyler, NE 68661
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Columbus, NE 68601
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About Us

We are charter members of the British White Cattle Association of America.  I have served as a board member and have been President and Secretary.  I am also a member of the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Association.  I have served as a President of the local affiliate and am currently serving as Secretary-Treasurer.  Nancy is a member of the American British White Park Association.

We have built one of the largest herds of Registered Purebred British White Cattle in the USA.  We follow a very strict culling program but register all animals that we feel have the quality to improve our herd or sell as seed stock to a new or established White Cattle Breeder. We deem only animals of the highest quality eligible for registration; however we record all of their numbers right along with those we register. This gives us a guideline to judge the quality of our best animals. We record the birth, 205 and yearling weights on the animals born in our herd. We also weigh the dams when we wean their calves, a cow must be efficient to remain in our herd.

Nancy and I would like to extend you a personal invitation to come out and visit our operation.  We offer cattle for sale year around. This is our 33rd year of raising and selling British White cattle.  Please plan to attend our 24th Annual Open House and Sale in the spring of 2016.